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Indian batsmen had a strange jinx - for a long time Gundappa Vishwanath was the only Indian batsman to have scored a century on test debut and managed another test century in his career. In recent times this has changed - Mohammed Azharuddin, Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag have all helped break the jinx!


Montague Druitt was a fast bowler who played for Winchester College, Incogniti and Dorset, and was a playing member of the MCC. In 1888 he drowned himself in the Thames. Druitt was suspected to be Jack the Ripper.


In 1958 playing against New Zealand at Headingley England's innings were opened by a rugby player and a football player! Arthur Milton represented England in one football match (vs. Austria in 1951) and Mike Smith won one rugby cap for England (vs. Wales in 1956).


Hemulal Yadav of Tripura has a strange claim to fame. His is the only cricketer to have been given out 'Timed Out' in first-class cricket. Harold Heygate was also given out 'Timed Out', but the prevailing rules meant that the entire innings for the whole team ended.


Making his debut for England against Bangaldesh in 2005 Chris Tremlett took two wickets in two balls. On his hat trick ball Mohammad Ashraful defended the ball which bounced on the ground, then actually landed on the stumps but the bails did not fall, and so Tremlett was denied a hat trick.


In a test match in Faislabad in 1997-98, Mushtaq Ahmed was bowling to Pat Symcox. Symcox missed the ball which went between the stumps knocking back middle stump. However, the heat had fused together the bails, and they did not fall. The middle stump bounced back into place and Symcox continued on his way to 81 - his second highest test score!


In a 1951 in a test versus England, Alex Moir of New Zealand bowled 2 successive overs, the last before tea and the first after the interval! The only other time this happened in test cricket was in an Ashes test in 1921. Declarations had just been introduced in test cricket, but you were not allowed to declare on the first day if less than 100 minutes of play remained.  In the 4th test of the series the first day had been washed out, and on day 2 the England captain, Lionel Tennyson wanted to declare but the Australian captain Warwick Armstrong claimed they could not since effectively it was still the first day. A 25 minute argument ensued, and no one noticed that Armstrong bowled the last over before the hold up and the first over immediately after it! 


 On the 1974 tour to England, Indian opener, Sudhir Naik was accused of stealing a pair of socks from Marks & Spencers.


John Thayer, who played 7 first-class matches in the USA was the only first-class cricket on board the Titanic. Richard Williams, who was also on board survived and went on to win the Wimbledon doubles title in 1920.


John Traicos is the only man to be born in one country and play test cricket for two other countries.  He was born in Egypt and played test cricket for South Africa in the 1970s and then for Zimbabwe when they were awarded test status in the 1990s.


Cotar Ramaswami represented India in the Davis Cup in 1922 and in 1936 made his test debut for India aged 40. In 1985 he wandered out of his home in Chennai and has never been found. He is also one of only two test cricketers to play Davis Cup tennis. The other is Ralph Legall who represented Trinidad in the Davis Cup. In addition, Asif Karim, Kenya's captain during the 1999 world cup was also a Davis Cup player.

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