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For the Love of the Game
17 July 2005

My first serious interaction with cricket was when I was 8 years old. West Indies was playing India in a test match at the Ferozshah Kotla, and my father took me to watch my first game of cricket. As it turned out it wasn't all plain sailing. I ended up getting lost and Sir Vivian Richards dismantled the Indian bowling attack. But somewhere between the disappointment of India losing to the West Indies, and the sheer terror of my losing my father I was fascinated by the game.

And now, nearly two decades later I find that the sport has captivated me. Its a world in itself, with its own well recorded history and its own geography. In no other sport does a 22 yard strip of land play such an important role in the outcome. In no other sport do players toil for 5 days to find that there is no victor. Cricket is a test of not just skill and talent but of grit, determination, mental strength and the sheer desire to win. It envelops you and owns you like no other sport. David Frith has explored this very idea in his wonderfully well researched book "Silence of the Heart". This books seeks to explain why such a high proportion of cricketers commit suicide, much higher than any other sport.

Soon after that rather frightening day at the Ferozshah Kotla I decided that I wanted to be a cricketer. But alas, talent was critical, and after about 10 years of trying I finally admitted the fact that I had none. It was around this time that I set up my first crickrt trivia website (which seems to have disappeared from its old "geocities" home), my own way of being a part of the sport. And now this site is the next step.

And this site is dedicated to all the little kids, who just like me, wanted desperately to play cricket, but were just not good enough. A celebration of incompetence, if you will!

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